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Many people are unaware that Tulsa is one of the nation's largest cities.  We have great people, low crime, a moderate cost of living and lots of things to do.

I think the very best times of the year to visit are May through mid-July and September through early November.  
Following are some of my recommendations as Tulsa's best restaurants, attractions and sites based on many years living here:

Best local restaurants:
Bakery:                     Merritt's Bakery
Barbeque:                 Rib Crib
Cajun:                      Hebert's (Lunch)
Gyro:                        Pita Place
Hamburgers:             Goldies
Italian:                      Villa Ravenna
Mexican-authentic:     Mexico Lindo
Mexican:                   Ted's Cafe Escondido (tortillas & queso!)
Mexican-Sonoran:      Chimi's @ 15th and Peoria
Pizza:                       Hideaway Pizza
Seafood:                  White River Fish Market
Snow Cones:             Josh's Sno Shack
Steak:                      The Spudder
Vietnamese:             Trang Le                 

Best chain restaurants:
Casual:                  Cheddar's, Charleston's
Chinese:                P.F. Chang's, Pei Wei
Diner:                     5 & Diner
Homestyle:             Cracker Barrel 
Italian:                   Carraba's
Mexican:                On The Border, Abuelo's
Sandwiches:           Schlotsky's
Steak:                   Longhorn Steakhouse

Best attractions:

Best sites:
Rhema Bible College (Christmas lights) 
Swan Lake
Tulsa River Parks (Pedestrian bridge)
Turkey Mountain (hiking)
Woodward Park

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